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Quality Assurance

AAC’s proven past performance is directly related to our quality approach with all of our customers.  AAC’s Project Managers have the solid foundation of appropriate training, resources and tools necessary to prepare and execute quality projects that exceed customer expectations. Having performed this type of work for some time now, AAC is able to leverage its years of lessons learned from our own personal experience as well as from client sites to set realistic expectations and conduct successful projects by avoiding known areas of weakness that could take a project off track. AAC Project Managers know that communication is the nucleus to successful projects while managing and avoiding risk along the way. Our long-term experience in the process improvement field lends AAC to identify problem areas quickly and address potential pitfalls immediately.  AAC has developed processes to ensure projects are managed with quality methods in place which provides direct benefit to our customers for managing costs and risks. In the event that an issue arises, AAC has planned to mitigate unforeseen problems and manage anticipated risk by having procedures in place for preventative and corrective actions.  AAC has set a structure in place that is overseen by our Director of Quality Programs that reports directly to senior executives and is independent of our program management staff.