Network & Communications Engineering

Today’s networks must provide a secure and readily adaptable and manageable foundation to enable the services users expect, such as video, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), anytime-anywhere-any device (A3) access, and high performance and reliability.

AAC builds networks that:

  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve security
  • Increase cost-effectiveness
  • Enable collaboration and unified capabilities
  • Extend the enterprise to the edge to meet mobility demands and enhance user productivity
  • Support cloud services and applications with sophisticated architectures that optimize and accelerate LANs and WANs and integrate networking, storage, and management solutions.

LAN and WAN optimization are paramount to support increasingly mobile workforces, and AAC brings the needed broad perspective and understanding of the dynamic relationships between physical and virtual servers, systems, network, and storage resources.

Most importantly, AAC engineered networks are readily adaptable to continuously incorporate innovative new functionality and keep pace with ongoing transformations in how users access their services and how applications are consumed. Technologies such as Converged Network Fabric (collapsing LANs and SANs into a single common network infrastructure), or OpenFlow (virtualizing the network) enable greater flexibility and cost-effective deployment of redundancy into the network architecture.

An AAC engineered network is not only adaptive, but also intelligent – providing holistic visibility and pervasive control, since the network itself enforces security policies. AAC applies both indicative and preventive technology automation throughout network environments to enable consistent monitoring and automated alerting about adverse trends and security events to increase security and availability while reducing service interruptions and avoiding critical incidents.

To lower costs and increase energy efficiency, AAC – a certified EPEAT reseller – is committed to green technologies and builds networks that can monitor and manage energy usage and carbon emissions.

Because you need to meet the evolving requirements of your end customers quickly and cost-effectively, let AAC engineer your agile, secure, intelligent network. When you can quickly deploy applications, easily scale and adapt services, and simplify and improve the task of network management, you will experience the value of an AAC engineered network – enhanced business productivity, satisfied end customers, and lower operational costs.