Requirements Analysis

A comprehensive requirements analysis is often the difference between a successful IT investment and a failed one. AAC captures the functional, technical, operational, and transitional requirements necessary to provide a new or modernized capability or service for our clients.

With a thorough understanding of your business needs, we identify discrete requirements, which are defined, vetted and agreed upon with key decision makers. AAC also utilizes project portfolio management tools to perform “what-if” analysis between competing requirements. Our analysis provides the foundation for the desired service and typically becomes the specification for future procurement action.

AAC accounts for constantly evolving federal and agency mandates and directives in our requirements gathering process. We are accustomed to responding to requests for non-routine tasks from our customers. Our organization is experienced and appropriately resourced to quickly and accurately assess requirements, develop a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and identify appropriate skill sets and level of effort to generate a sound resource estimate. Bring us your most complex scenario—we will deliver an actionable plan that you can run with.