IT Governance

Federal agencies are subject to many regulations governing data retention, confidential information, financial accountability and recovery from disasters. By implementing an IT governance framework, you will have the internal controls you need to meet the core components of many of these guidelines..
AAC utilizes quality management and service management best practices based on ISO standards to implement IT governance for our federal customers.

We focus on the five major areas of IT Governance:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Value Delivery
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Measures and Metrics

IT Governance is not one size fits all. We tailor our approach based on your size, regulatory requirements, and mission. We have experience with multiple governance frameworks from ITIL to CoBIT to CMMI. We work with our customers to determine an appropriate model depending on relevant driving factors, including operations, application development, or risk.

Investing in IT governance, even if it’s not mandated policy, is never a waste of time or resources. We help our customers ensure the effective evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of competing IT investments. Our approach delivers tangible results, as well as the confidence in knowing that your infrastructure is compliant and secure.

Benefits of IT Governance

  • Provides necessary internal controls
  • Aligns IT strategy to the agency/command mission
  • Provides valuable performance metrics
  • Complies with regulatory requirements