Acquisitions Support

AAC assists federal customers in meeting their acquisition metrics and program goals. We effectively support  program and technical staff in procuring complex enterprise-level IT throughout the acquisition process, including the planning, solicitation, evaluation, award, post-award administration, and close-out phases.

Our services specifically consist of the following:

Pre-Award Acquisition Support:

  • Requirements definition
  • Market research
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Investment analysis
  • Lifecycle cost estimates
  • Cost and price analysis
  • Risk analysis

Post-Award Acquisition Support:

  • Procurement funding documentation,
  • Invoice tracking and reconciliation
  • Contract administration
  • Cost and price analysis
  • Close-out support
  • Delivery/task order support

Using integrated master schedules, risk and resource management techniques, and clear stakeholder communication, AAC simplifies and clarifies the acquisition process for our customers. We offer a 360-degree solution, providing practitioners and subject matter experts with proven contracting and program knowledge.