Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a significant expense for any organization. Infrastructure and operations - including data centers, networks, client computing and the service desk—typically make up 55% or more of the total IT budget. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to select technologies that maximize their competitive advantage and their IT budget.

Enterprises spend an average of $12,500 per employee or 3.5% of their gross revenue on IT. 1

AAC specializes in aligning IT with business objectives. We develop efficient, need-based systems that allow our customers to focus on their core mission. Unique features of our IT services include:

  • Striking a balance between operations, maintenance, enhancements, and new development to maximize the reliability, effectiveness, and accessibility of IT services while avoiding resource contention

  • Benchmarking performance against industry standards and best practices to create service delivery models that improve end user satisfaction and increase productivity

  • Focusing relentlessly on quality assurance to decrease costs and enhance the performance and effectiveness of IT systems and services

We offer a broad range of services across the full spectrum of enterprise IT. Learn more about our work:

1Pultz, J.E. “Best Practices to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs.” August 21, 2012. Webinar via www.gartner.com.