Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) involves evaluation of work product or project by an independent entity that is separate from the team involved in designing and/or execution of a given project. It is a quality assurance service to ensure that a project meets its agreed requirements and functionality. AAC offers IV&V service to provide objective, comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of every aspect of a project from inception to completion phase and from technological to business perspective. Benefits of this service include:

  • It provides an independent and credible status of project based on relevant business and technical knowledge
  • It provides timely identification of problems and issues to find ways to mitigate them
  • Completely unbiased, unattached, objective, professional findings without any agenda, restriction or fear
  • We follow industry standards, such as IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation (IEEE 1012-2012) and applicable federal regulations
  • With our strong expertise in enterprise IT solutions, we go beyond a simple checklist by following a methodical approach to IV&V that includes:
  • Clear definition of role and scope of IV&V project
  • In-depth review of the all related documents and deliverables (business case, requirements, statement of work, quality standards, applicable mandates and laws, project plan, status meeting, deliverable)
  • Interview with the project sponsors, stakeholders and other key members
  • Detailed and structured document our findings – what is working well, what is in compliance, what are opportunities for improvements, what are the recommendation
  • Periodic reviews and management briefings on the status of IV&V project