Applications are what the customers and users interact with, and for this reason, they are one of the most important components of the enterprise IT system. Enterprises spend approximately 1/3 of their IT budget on application development and support.1 Applications are the key differentiator for better customer service and for gaining a competitive advantage.

AAC has an outstanding track record for application development, maintenance, support, testing, and verification. We are one of only a few contractors that have developed products in-house, so we know what it takes to produce a first-class application.  Our products have won industry awards, including ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology’ from Cisco IP Telephony Users Group (CIPTUG). We also bring our experience of COTS product development to enterprise applications. This gives us an edge to deliver superior applications and corresponding support.

We offer a broad range of application development, support and testing services across a wide set of platforms and tools. Find out more about our services:

Application Development
Independent Verification And Validation (IV&V)

1 Pultz, J.E. “Best Practices to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs.” August 21, 2012. Webinar via www.gartner.com.