FBI IT Triple S

Contract Number: 
Contract Ceiling: 
$30 billion
Period of Performance date: 
10/20/2010 to 10/19/2018
About FBI IT Triple S: 

AAC is a member of the Intelligent Decisions Triple-S team.  FBI IT Triple-S is available for use throughout the Department of Justice and offers FFP and T&M Contract Types.

Contract Features: 

Supports a $30 billion ceiling with a maximum order of $50 million over 8 years under a single task order request (TOR).  No Fee to DOJ Customers.  Enables long-term planning of large-scale program requirements.

AAC Team Capabilities: 

Provides for the procurement of commercial off-the-shelf hardware, software, documentation, maintenance, peripherals, training, supplies, and support services in support of IT solutions.